Philip Umfreville Laws

St Marys Church
Car Colston
NG13 8HZ

Position: Propped against north wall beneath commemorative plaque to local soldiers who fell in WW I

Details on cross:

Text type (e.g. hand-written, GRU tags, carved): GRU Tags

Cross dimensions (millimetres please)
Shaft Height: 950mm
Cross beam width: 405mm
Width of wood: 70mm
Thickness or depth: 20mm

Other information
Mounting to wall: Cross if free standing, so location may be changed in the future
Detailing: none
Evidence of use in field (earth marking, cracking, staining, shrinkage): Lower portion of shaft is significantly rotted
Surface insertion depth (into ground if apparent): 250mm
Finish (varnish, paint, oiled, unfinished etc): unfinished
Condition (cracked, paint peeling, woodwork, damage etc): some evidence of woodworm in crossbeam, extensive evidence of woodworm in lower part of shaft where rotted;
Top of shaft is slightly cracked, right end of crossbeam is slightly cracked

Notes and observations:
From the WW I commemorative plaque, the fallen soldier’s full name is:
Philip Umfreville Laws M.C. of 16th Sherwood Foresters

Survey and photographs courtesy of Geoff Snare
Date of survey: 19 October 2016