Frederic Raymond Charlesworth

Location: St Peter’s Church
Town/village: Gunton
County: Suffolk
Postcode: NR32 4LB

Details on cross: 


25 R.W. FUS.

Text type: GRU tags

Cross dimensions (millimetres please)
Shaft Height: 1000
Cross beam width: 400
Width of wood: 70
Thickness or depth:

Other information
Mounting to wall: Screwed to wall
Detailing: None
Evidence of use in field: Appears to have had lower shaft sawn off
Surface insertion depth: N/A
Finish: Varnish
Condition: Reasonable. GRU tags varnished over, cross speckled with paint when church redecorated. The cross is a bit tucked away behind the south door of the church.

Other information, notes and observations:
GRU cartouche still present at top of shaft. The GRU name tag records him as Capt. W.F. Charlesworth. The brass plaque beneath the cross, presumably put there by his family (owners of Gunton Hall for which this would have been almost the family chapel) records his name as Captain F. Raymond Charlesworth. The CWGC index records him as Frederic Raymond Charlesworth, son of Basil Arthur and Helen Lilian Royds Charlesworth of Gunton Hall. He died of wounds on September 19th 1918 and is buried at Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension. Doingt is near Peronne. It appears his substantive rank was Lieutenant, acting Captain.

Survey and Photos by Andrew Macdonald
Date of survey:23/07/16