Alfred Bence Trower

Location: St. Peter’s Church
Town/village: Thorington
County: Suffolk
Postcode: IP19 9JG
Details on cross:

At top of cross metal tag with G.R.U on it.

Below that in diagonal banner style “In Memory Of” Name is in a central roundel decorated to look like a Scots Guards Cap Badge ( The star of the Order of the Thistle ) outer line of text is “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” ( No one provokes me with impunity )

Inside the roundel 2nd Lieut,
below, A.Bence.Trower,

Killed In Action.
Below the roundel, 3rd of the way down bottom section of the shaft date,


On left side of beam 1st Batt, on the right hand side of the beam Scots Guards.

At each right angle of the cross there is additional piece of wood attached to make it look like the cap badge of the Scots Guards and these have been painted to represent this.

Text type: The GRU tag is standard issue metal alloy tag. The rest of the text is painted on as is the decoration for the ‘cap badge’ detail.

Cross dimensions
Shaft Height: 1103.4mm
Width of wood: 144mm
Cross beam width: 804mm
Thickness or depth: 27mm

Other information
Mounting to wall: Held in place with 3 rusted metal brackets, 2 at the top, one at the bottom.
Detailing: Additional detailing to the terminals of the shaft, rectangular blocks have been attached (60mm deep) outer edges painted black.
Evidence of use in field (earth marking, cracking, staining,
Surface insertion depth: No evidence, as it appears that the Cross has had the bottom portion of the shaft has been sawn off, possibly because of rotting wood.
Finish (varnish, paint, oiled, unfinished etc): Unvarnished
Condition: On both sides of the Cross shaft by the date is evidence of wood worm activity, the paint is generally faded but readable, in good condition considering its age.
Other information, notes and observations:
Beam of Cross goes over the top of the shaft in a lap type joint. The Cross is located on the left hand wall of the church next to the door. On opposite wall there is a marble war Memorial for the parish. Alfred Bence Trower is the first name on the memorial. Church is open, parking is very limited, you will have to pull in to a small lay by approx 100 metres from the Church.

Biographical information: Alfred Bence Trower Second Lieutenant / Scots Guards,1st Battalion. Born on the 10th August 1880, Died on 29 May 1918. He was the 2nd son of Percy Bence-Trower and Agnes Marian of Goring on Thames and later of 12 Bolton Gardens, London.  Alfred joined his father in business as a wine merchant. He was killed in action. Most of his brothers were also at Charterhouse, one of whom, Edward, also fell in the first World War and it also remembered on the Thorington War memorial. Alfred is buried at St Amand British Cemetery. More information on the Charterhouse website.


Survey and photographs by Jason Kercher.