Isaac Henry Brockbank

Location: St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Allithwaite, Cumbria, LA11 7RD

Details on cross: 

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Cross dimensions (millimetres please)

Shaft Height: 1143mm.

Cross beam width: 406.4mm.

Width of wood: 69.85mm.

Thickness or depth: 25.4mm.

Other information

Mounting to wall: The cross is attached to the wall on a hook.

Detailing: n/a

Evidence of use in field (earth marking, cracking, staining, shrinkage): There is a small amount deterioration towards the bottom of the cross where it has been inserted into the ground.

Surface insertion depth (into ground if apparent): 254mm

Finish (varnish, paint, oiled, unfinished etc): Rough unfinished wood.

Condition (cracked, paint peeling, woodwork, damage etc): There are two small chips out of the cross, one at the top of the shaft and the other on the right hand side of the cross member.

Notes and observations:

The cross is on the wall on the right hand side of the church as you face the altar.

There is also a crown of thorns hung on the cross member and a poppy.

There is a framed notice hung next to the cross which reads: Original cross marking the grave of Isaac Henry Brockbank (Kings Own Royal Regiment) killed in action in Flanders – March 1916, and laid to rest in Artillery Wood Cemetery, Ypres. The cross was brought back by his widow Mary Isobel Brockbank to be hung in this his parish church, in perpetuity.

Private Isaac Henry Brockbank was the son of John & Agnes Brockbank. He died on 2nd March 1916 aged 35 and is buried in Artillery Wood Cemetery, Ypres (Grave ref X11.A.20).

Survey and photographs courtesy of Beverley Goodwin and Margaret Draycott.
Special thanks to Debbie for kindly providing us with access to the church.
Date of survey: 12/7/17