St Andrew’s Church
GL54 4AD

Details on cross:

Two GRU tags on the top of the shaft.


One GRU tag on the cross beam which reads:


Cross Dimensions:
Shaft Height: 740mm
Cross Beam Width: 410mm
Width of wood: 70mm
Thickness: 20mm

Other information:
Mounting to wall: None. Is mounted on a plinth to enable free-standing on floor.
Detailing: None
Evidence of use in field: None.
Surface insertion depth: Unsure – the bottom of the shaft is different in colour, but not sure if this was from insertion into the ground, or perhaps sanded down when being inserted into the plinth. This measures 30mm.
Finish: None
Condition: Good.

Other information:

The interesting part about this cross is why, if it marked the grave of an unknown soldier, was it brought back to Chedworth? (One of teh questions we can at least try and answer in a future blog hopefully – NS)

Chedworth is a village with a very active historical society, and the church contains many memorials to the fallen from both World Wars. Above the grave marker is the villages roll of honour, and in the porch is an impressive set of oak memorial panels. Chedworth have produced a very informative booklet containing personal stories of the individuals listed on the memorial panels, however, there is no mention of the grave marker in the booklet.


The church is originally Norman, with close links to Henry VII – definitely worth a visit.

Survey and photographs by Samantha Fryer
Date of Survey: 13 August 2016