Robert Inglis

Location: Dailly Parish Church
Town/village: Main Street, Dailly
County: Ayrshire
Postcode: KA26 9SD

Details on cross:
On the cross beam:


Text type: GRU Metal tags, corroded

Cross dimensions (millimetres please)
Shaft Height: 850
Cross beam width: 405
Width of wood: 72
Thickness or depth: 45

Other information
Mounting to wall: The cross hangs on picture wire hung on a hook.
Detailing: None
Evidence of use in field: None
Surface insertion depth (if apparent): None
Finish: Painted grey.
Condition: The wood is quite well preserved and in good condition. The metal tags are both damaged and corroded. The cross was removed to the inside of the church in Oc-tober 1997 having spent its life in the churchyard. It looks as if the shaft has been trimmed of a lower portion.

Other information, notes and observations:

An information sheet is framed below the cross:
Removed from Dailly Cemetery to the Parish Church for safe keeping in October 1997. Only two of the three original metal identification markers attached to the cross have survived. There were inscribed:-
5 – 10 – 1918

Lieutenant Robert Inglis, Military Cross, was the son of Robert Inglis, J.P. factor of Bargany Estate who lived in Lovestone. Lieutenant Inglis enlisted in August 1914 and was commissioned in the Scottish Horse and was later attached to the 13th Battalion, Black Watch. He served in Egypt, Greece and France where he died of wounds on 5th October 1918.

Prior to the war he served on several public boards in Dailly and Girvan.

This wooden cross was brought from a battlefield in France when those who died and buried in temporary graves were re-interred in one of the many Commonwealth War Cemeteries.
The Inglis family had a son, Captain Alexander William Inglis, 2nd Scottish Horse, who was killed in action on the 30th October 1901 during the South African War, aged 24 years.
The three remaining sons in the family died during the First World War.

Captain David Inglis, 4th Gurkhas.
Killed in Action, 19th December 1914.
Lieutenant Charles N D Inglis, 5th Gurkhas.
Killed in action in France, 25th September 1915.


Lieutenant Robert Inglis. M.C. Black Watch
Died of wounds in France, 5th October. 1918.

The Inglis family placed a marble plaque in Dailly Parish Church in memory of their son Alexander who was killed in the South African War. In 1918 they pre-sented the church with two brass vases in memory of their sons David and Charles and in 1919 they presented the brass alter cross in memory of all four sons who died in war.
David. M Hunter.

Survey and photographs courtesy of Scott Galloway
Date of survey: 12th August 2016