Location: St Michael’s church
Town/village: Garston
County: Merseyside
Postcode: L19 8EA

Details on cross:

Metal strips on top and cross member; illegible from ground level, woman from church said they did not know who it commemorated but thought the writing on the metal strip was indicating a passage from the bible.

Text type:Small metal GRU tag near top of cross but unable to read.

Cross dimensions (millimetres please) all measurements are approximate
Shaft Height: 1070
Cross beam width: 300
Width of wood: 50
Thickness or depth: 20

Other information
Mounting to wall: Unable to see wall mountings
Detailing: No obvious detailing, adorned with poppy wreath with flags mounted two to each side
Evidence of use in field: No evidence of use in field
Surface insertion depth: none
Finish: Very dark stained possibly varnished
Condition: In very good condition

Other information, notes and observations:
Original church on this site built 1277, this is the 3rd church built in 1800’s. Many memorials in the church to those who fought and died in the first world war, brass plaques, wood carved banner across the alter area. Commemorative headstone in church yard to 3 men who died during ww1and are buried elsewhere in the church yard. Church very supportive of armed forces and do a display each year for armistice day. In 2014 they built a mock trench.

Update: there is a small sign that indicates that this cross was returned by a British Legion pilgrimage in 1929.

Survey and Photos by Margaret Draycott
Date of survey: 30th July