Lieut. R C Cross

Location: The Chapel of the Good Shepherd, St. Mary the Virgin Church, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4AW

Details on cross:

Lieut. R C Cross Dorset Yeomanry Attached 2/4 Batt South Lanc’s Killed in Action 7 6 18.

Also at the top of the cross are the inter-twined letters ‘HIS’. There is, what looks like a yellow rose with green leafs above the date of death. The date is set in a painted bordered frame upon a column. There is also a yellow triangle painted on to the cross directly above the name.

Text type (e.g. hand-written, GRU tags, carved): The text is painted on in black

Cross dimensions (millimetres please)
Shaft Height: 1150mm

Cross beam width: 600mm

Width of wood: 110mm

Thickness or depth: unknown as the cross is set into the wall

Other information
Mounting to wall: Set into the Chapel wall


Evidence of use in field (earth marking, cracking, staining, shrinkage): rotten at base

Surface insertion depth (into ground if apparent): not apparent

Finish (varnish, paint, oiled, unfinished etc): A light base paint with detailed painted on top

Condition (cracked, paint peeling, woodwork, damage etc): Signs of woodworm particularly at the base. Rot also at the base of the cross.

Notes and observations: The cross is supported by a memorial plaque in a side chapel of the church which his parent’s, Charlton and Emily Cross of Wyke Hall appear to have funded. Reginald Carlton Cross is buried at Couin New British Cemetery, grave G 15.

Survey and photographs courtesy of Steve Lee.

Addenda: the marker is actually located in a chapel within the church put up by his parents.  It is dedicated to him and is known as The Chapel of the Good Shepherd which is particularly apt as he was killed bringing back wounded men from NML .
– John Shepheard.


Date of survey 29/07/17