Lieutenant Kenneth Forbes MeiklejohnLocation: St Finan Episcopal Church,
Town/village: Kinlochmoidart
County: Perthshire
Postcode: PH38 4ND

Details on cross:

Starting at the top of the shaft:

Small metal plate stamped with G R U, two small nails

On the cross beam:

26 – 9 – 1914

Text type: GRU metal tags

Cross dimensions
Shaft Height: 1700mm
Cross beam width: 410mm
Width of wood: 67mm
Thickness or depth: 25mm

Other information
Mounting to wall: The cross hangs on a single nail which is inserted into a small metal hanger attached to the back of the shaft.
Detailing: None
Evidence of use in field: Looks weather worn, there is still soil attached to lower part of the shaft.
Surface insertion depth (if apparent): 200mm
Finish: Completely untreated.
Condition: Generally quite good condition, the wood isn’t rotten or damaged. The pointed end of the shaft has some obvious wear.

Other information, notes and observations: A brass plate is mounted on the wall above the cross. It has the following inscription:-

“Remember Kenneth Forbes Meiklejohn,
Lieut: & Adjutant 1st Cameron Highlanders.
Killed in action at the Battle of the Aisne
Sep. 25th 1914, Aged 29.”
“”He pleased God, and was beloved of him””

Biographical information: See more here about the Meiklejohns of Kinlochmoidart on the blog.

Survey and photographs Scott Galloway.
Image of Lieutenant Kenneth Forbes Meiklejohn © IWM (HU 125531)
Date of survey 1st August 2016