Unknown British Soldier

Christ Church Graveyard,
Nr. Wrexham
Wrexham County borough (Clwyd)
LL12 0GD

Details on cross: This is a replica cross made in 1999 unfortunately we could not find out any more about it. There is only the cross member remaining of the original cross and this is in very poor condition

Text type (e.g. hand-written, GRU tags, carved):On the replica cross is a brass plate bearing the words “In memory of the unknown soldier”

Other information
Mounting to wall: The replica cross is attached to a metal support set in a stone block. The remainder of the original cross sits on a stone slab below in a glass/wooden case which is also badly deteriorated.
Detailing: N/A
Evidence of use in field (earth marking, cracking, staining, shrinkage): N/A
Surface insertion depth (into ground if apparent): N/A
Finish (varnish, paint, oiled, unfinished etc): N/A
Condition (cracked, paint peeling, woodwork, damage etc): The cross member is cracked and split with no colouring it is typical of the crosses to an unknown soldier . The replica cross is painted black which is peeling in places, with a grooved line all around.

Other information, notes and observations:
The cross stands near the front of the church and is surrounded on three sides by privet hedges neatly trimmed. We were unable to find out more about who made the cross as the Vicar was unaware of same and its origins he had only been there 5 years. There is a large stone cross at the front of the church remembering those from the parish who died in the first and second world wars. The most amazing feature in this church were the two beautiful stained glass worth a visit just to see these. One depicts a soldier receiving medical treatment from a member of the R.A.M.C., The other of a Tommy in action advancing through the enemy trenches. On the wall to the left of the window is a sheet of paper beautifully written describing the panels the detail in them is incredible and very moving. There is also an article placed on a stand in front of this window, about a William Hughes from the parish who was killed on 3rd march 1916 in France.

The person who wrote it states that he was his great uncle and that he believed Williams mother was responsible for the grave of the cross of the unknown warrior at the front of the churchyard, although this is not so evident now.


Survey and photographs courtesy of Margaret Draycott, Bev Goodwin
Date of survey: 31.08.2016