Unknown British Soldier

St.Lukes Church, 16 Goodison Road
Walton, Liverpool
L4 4EL

Details on cross:

The cross is dedicated to an Unknown British Soldier



Location: It is positioned near the altar on the right side of the church
Text type: 2 GRU tags – one on the cross beam with words ‘unknown british soldier’ and one angled at the top of the cross with letters ‘WGC’

Cross dimensions
Shaft Height: 1143mm
Cross beam width: 406mm
Width of wood: 63mm
Thickness or depth: 26mm

Other information
Mounting to wall: bracket and screws
Detailing: none
Evidence of use in field: There is one nail in cross beam below the metal strip
Surface insertion depth: Discolouring of the wood which shows it has been inserted 177mm into the ground
Finish: unfinished rough wood
Condition: some cracks in the wood, but overall condition is good

Other information, notes and observations:
St. Lukes Church is enclosed on two sides by Goodison Park, home of Everton Football Club. This makes the church quite unique. There is also a foundation stone outside the building which is dated 30th May 1908 and was laid by Mrs Chavasse. Possibly a family connection to Noel Chavasse.

Survey and photographs courtesy of  Beverley Goodwin
Date of survey: 21st August2016