C H Witty

Location: St Peter & St Paul
Town/village: Weedon
County: Northamptonshie
Postcode: NN7 4ED
Details on cross:
Near top ; metal plate with the inscription


On horizontal part of cross are three GRU plates.

145456 SGT. C. H. WITTY.

Near bottom of cross another plate with the inscription 1.D.3.

Text type: Small metal stamped tags. 5 altogether.
Cross dimensions
Shaft Height: 1250 mm
Cross beam width: 380mm
Width of wood:20mm
Thickness or depth:

Other information
Mounting to wall: mounted on wall
Evidence of use in field
Surface insertion depth: it appears to have been in the earth for around 360 mm
Finish: plain wood, untreated
Condition: Several nail marks appear to be in the cross.

Other information, notes and observations: the cross is mounted on the wall opposite the entrance to the church, to the right, between two stained glass windows. C H Witty lived at 52, High Street, Weedon, which would have been just yards from the church.

Witty is buried in Montecchio Precalcino in Italy which is where the cross originally stood. You can just make out his headstone on the left of the angled picture.

Thanks to Suzanne Make Survey and photos.

Photos of Montecchio Precalcino in Italy courtesy of Andrew Holmes.