Unknown British Soldier

CH46 0SG

Details on cross:

small piece of metal near top of shaft slanting upwards left to right with initials:


Large metal strip on cross member states


Text type: GRU tags

Cross dimensions
Measurements are approximate
Shaft Height: 910mm
Cross beam width: 350mm
Width of wood: 50mm
Thickness or depth: 26mm

Other information
Mounting to wall: hanging from wall on circle hook from nail. There is a hook further down the shaft possible for hanging a wreath on on armistice day.
Detailing: evidence of having been in the ground up to 350mm, some soil seems to still be on the wood, shaped to a point, some cracking of wood at tip and very top
Finish: dark stained, no varnish
Condition: some cracking of the wood but otherwise in reasonable condition.

Other information, notes and observations:The church is part of the open churches scheme and is open 1 hour per day from 12 noon. The church is in good condition and seems to be an active part of the community, it is well looked after and has an arched timber roof. The cross is displayed in the main part of the church next to a stained glass window. There is a tablet on the opposite wall commemorating those of the parish who served in the first world war. Found a young man in the parish office who deserves a mention his name is Thomas aged about 10, when we arrived the church was closed, his mother was doing clerical work and was unsure about the cross Thomas knew of it and offered to open up the church, he showed us round with great enthusiasm and knowledge about the church, it is about 150 years old. An absolutely charming young man -to be proud of-. As a final note this used to be my local church and i was married there 45 years ago, sadly only been for funerals since.

Survey and photographs courtesy of Margaret Draycott and Bev Goodwin
Date of survey: 9th August 2016