Date of survey: 13/07/2016
Location: St. Andrew’s Church
Town/village: Wissett
County: Suffolk
Details on Cross:

G.R.U. A.R.36.

Text type: Metal tags
Cross dimensions:
Shaft Height: 1150mm
Beam width: 410mm
Width of wood:
75mm Shaft
65mm Beam
Thickness: 22mm
Surface insertion depth: N/A
Circle plate
Outer diameter:
Width of circle:

Mounting: Nails
Detailing: Text punched into 3 metal strips, evidence there may have been a 4th, at the top, there is an outline for where a tag should have been?
Evidence of use in field: Bottom of Cross tapers, evidence of cracking.
Finish: Unpainted and unvarnished.
Condition: Generally good, evidence of water damage to wood, rot at the bottom of the cross extends up the shaft for approx 250mm. Worm holes in bottom section and some across the shaft and beam. Cross nailed together with 3 nails
Other information:
Church was open, Cross is located wall mounted on left hand side of the interior round tower, next to Tower door.
There is also a wall mounted marble War Memorial to the Parishioners of Wissett on the left hand wall of the nave.
Car parking across road by Village Hall.

Survey: Jason Kercher Photos: Jason Kercher & Andrew MacDonald