image1 4Major F. H. Corbett

Location:  St Peter’s Church
Town/village: Worfield
County: Shropshire
Postcode:  WV15 5LF
Details on cross:
Writing plus intricate colour floral/vase detail and RA badge painted on (presumably artwork painted on at a later date given intricacy?).

Writing says:

“In loving memory of Major F. H. Corbett R.F.A.
B Battery 75th Bde Guards Div
Killed in action May 5th 1918
Erected in gratitude by men he led so well”

Towards the bottom of the cross it also say “Rest in Peace”

Text is in capitals, painted in black.

Has a single metal tag at the top saying “GRU”

Text type (e.g. hand-written, GRU tags, carved):
Cross dimensions:
Shaft Height:
1360mm (to bottom of pedestal)
Cross beam width: 530mm
Width of wood: 100mm
Thickness or depth: 50mm
Circle plate (if celtic type)
Outer diameter: n/a
Width of circle: n/a
Thickness: n/a
Square plate (if supported) has 4 diagonal beams – omitted to measure width but approx half width of main cross shaft/beam
Width of Square arms: 50mm approx
Angle of arms: 45
Thickness: Unknown
Other information

Mounting to wall: fixed to wall at low level. Top fixed by way of screw/bracket. Bottom pedestal resting on sandstone block. Fixed solid but position didn’t allow closer inspection.
Detailing: see above
Evidence of use in field: none visible. Cross is painted.
Finish painted. Cream (originally white?) all over. All edges/sides painted in black. Background to diagonals painted brown. All writing painted in black. Intricate details painted in various colours. Clear varnished?
Condition:  Generally good condition. Some staining and chips but mainly ok.

Other information, notes and observations:
Cross is positioned on the left hand side of the aisle towards the altar. Low down on the wall but easy to miss as position partly obscured by modern organ and shelves.

Church is open for visitors most days so access should not be a problem.

The Corbetts Lived at Stableford Farm.

Photographs and survey: Peter Bull.